Chris Camp

On a warm, sunny June morning, campers and volunteers at Medina Creative Housing‘s Life Steps Camp put the agency’s therapy horses through their paces in the new outdoor arena.

“Great job keeping your heels down,” an instructor called to camper Chris Milota, who beamed a smile and a quick thumbs up from atop the chestnut brown horse.

James Applegate, waiting for his turn astride another horse, watched as Chris maneuvered his way through an obstacle course with the help of volunteer Crystal VanNewkirk.

The horseback riding lesson at the Medina Creative Therapy Ranch was part of a busy day of animal-related activities at the summer camp that serves disabled children and adults ages eight and older.

The 10-week camp has moved this year to the Medina County Park District-owned site that houses the therapy barn and arenas and MCH’s new Life Skills Lodge. The agency holds a long-term lease for the property…


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