The previous evening, I had a great time at Medina Creative Housing’s 20th Anniversary Celebration. We joined other guests at the corner of Reagan Parkway and North Huntington Street for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the soon-to-open housing unit for six residents. Despite a dreary, drizzly afternoon, hundreds of supporters showed up to hear the story of 20 years of successful and loving service to disabled county residents.
The first speaker was Dianne DePasquale-Hagerty, Executive Director of Medina Creative Housing. Under her guidance, Creative Housing offers homes for 70 residents with a waiting list of over 100. The program also offers job training and employment to residents. I often purchase the hydroponic lettuce grown by Creative Housing clients — they grow and market 800 heads a week. Creative housing offers a therapeutic horseback riding program in cooperation with the county park system. They will soon open a Doggie Day Care center that will be staffed by residents.

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