Finance Fund (, a statewide nonprofit financial intermediary, presented the 2010 Community Champion Award to Medina Creative Housing at FInance Fund’s annual reception on May 12, 2011.

Finance Fund presents the Community Champion Award to individuals and organizations who have exhibited extraordinary service to their community. Awardees demonstrate innovation, initiative, commitment and perseverance in directing benefits to the un-served or under-served low-income populations in Ohio.

“The work that has been accomplished by Medina Creative Housing has impacted the lives of many Ohioans’,” said Finance Fund CEO James R. Klein. “This organization has served their community by giving individuals with special needs a place to live and an opportunity to work. We should be inspired to follow the example Medina Creative Housing has set.”

Medina Creative Housing went above and beyond their role in 2010 to implement both housing and economic development programs for their clientele. Medina Creative Housingworks with families to encourage early planning and timely transition of adult children with disabilities into independent housing with supports designed and or adapted to meet their child’s individual needs. The organization demonstrates care and compassion for those with special needs and seeks to restore those individuals’ dignity and independence.